Real Estate London Shard Glass Office Finance

Exploring the art of the possible


  • Understanding your project’s requirements intimately

  • Exploring the art of the possible

  • Offering the broadest range of execution options

  • Partnering with you from beginning to end

Chalkhill’s experience and track-record spans sectors including social, affordable and PRS housing, social infrastructure, commercial real estate and corporate finance. We firmly believe in the benefits of making environmental and social impact through investment.


Our clients often find that they are presented with financing options from banks or direct lenders that more closely reflect their own interest than what might be optimal for the client (inflation-linked cashflow, for example). By contrast, we work with management teams to navigate specific challenges, methodically developing an understanding of business plans and project requirements. We overlay any other relevant consideration (e.g. disclosure, environmental, regulatory etc.) and map the spectrum of potential routes to market.

We have structured finance for clients in the public bond market, including with credit ratings, the private placement, bi-lateral loan, bank and private equity market. Having the ability to execute across different marketplaces allows for varied approaches to maturity, repayment, covenants, and leverage multiples.

We strive to identify the efficient frontier between price and structural flexibility, ensuring our clients always have the fullest picture and widest range of choices available to them.

Real Estate London Shard Glass Office Finance

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